Zultan-i ®


NATURAL COLOR CHANGE TURKISH DIASPORE presented by Zultan-i  ® is extremely rare gemstone which has amazing natural color changing abilities that makes it well suited to savvy as connoisseurs. As you watch its colors change from Kiwi Champagne to Raspberry.

Relatively New for the jewelry World .


Zultan-i ® 100% natural beauty. The pinnacle of exclusivity, beauty, rarity, and desirability. Zultan-i ® is a rising star in fine jewelry due to its sparklingly brilliant tranquil colors.


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Zultan-i ® Cat ‘s Eye



Zultan-i ® also possess the coveted cat’ s eye effect. Chatoyancy or the cat’ s eye effect is a reflection effect that appears as a single bright band of light across the surface of a gemstone. It is caused by the reflection of light by parallel inclusions. As 100% natural gemstone, Color Change Turkish Diaspore presented by Zultan-i ® is one of the few gems that have no known enhancements or treatments.


Zultan-i ® ‘s mineral name “ Diaspore” comes from the Greek Word “ Diaspora” meaning “ to scatter”. While Diaspore was first discovered in 1801 in Ural Mountains, Russia, The Turkish deposit remains the world’s only source of Zultan-i ® which is located in Milas Mugla , Turkey.


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Zultan-i ® Color Change


Natural Color Change Turkish Diaspore presented by Zultan-i ® , Color Change gems Naturally Show different colors when viewed under different light sources such as as sunlight and indoor light kiwi to raspberry. Astonishingly beautiful, exotic and rare.


Color Change Turkish Diaspore , Zultan-i ® registered 7 out of 10 on the Mohs’ Hardness Scale which has a refractive index of  1.75 and specific gravity of 3. 40. These characteristics make Zultan-i ® an excellent jewelry gemstone. As 100% natural gemstone, Zultan-i ® is one of the few gems that have no known enhancements or treatments.

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About Our Establishment

ZULTANI MADENCILIK LTD STI is one of the Turkish origin minerals & gemstones mining company that is processing 100% Natural Color Change Turkish Diaspore under umbrella of mother company ZULTANI KIYMETLI TAS TIC A.S. which has registered brand Zultan-i ®  for world wide luxury jewelry industry.

Mining facility & Gemstones Cutting Facility located in Milas , Mugla City of Turkey under V.Group ( Precious Gems – DIASPORE CRYSTALS ) License , Registered Nbr. 201500021 into Turkish Energy Ministry , Mining Facilities General Management ( MIGEM – ANKARA ).

Discovered Resources 99% virgin & distributed 1 million sq meters permitted mining fields. At the other side ,We are very glad to support & collaborate with MUGLA SITKI KOCMAN UNIVERSITY, MILAS TECHNICAL FACULTY, GEMS CUTTING & FINE JEWELRY SETTING SCHOOL for new generation TURKISH gems cutters & young professionals education. 



We have 3 Grades of Natural Color Change Diaspore Gems which are APLUS Super Crystals (+VVS) , AA (VS) and A (S) Grades for any type of request. Custom made orders always possible from 3cts up to 30 cts free cut size and Calibrated size. For Rough Crystals , we have also 3 Grades for Designer Cutters , Manufactories & Specimen Collectors ..  Ask for details..